Can You Text Sprint Customer Service?

How do I send a text to a Sprint phone?

Address the mail message to the recipient’s phone number in the Sprint PCS messaging format.

The email address should be the 10-digit number at the domain “” For example, if the number is 123-456-7890, the email address would be

Send the message..

How do I get ahold of Sprint customer service?

Customer serviceThis section supports wireline, residential and business landline customers.Self Service. Pay Bill. Moving? Change of address form for business landline. Email us. Make a Sprint FonCard call – 800-366-2255. Refresh a Sprint Prepaid Card – 800-366-0707.Phone. 877-877-8748 – wireline services.

Can Sprint send copies of text messages?

You can easily download a record of phone numbers you’ve sent text messages to up to 90 days in the past. Go online to, click on the Calls/Texts link. This record can be printed out or saved. Text Message content (the actual words or pictures contained in a text message) is not stored by Sprint.

How do I file a dispute with Sprint?

How Do I Dispute a Sprint Phone Bill?Notify Sprint’s customer service department at the number listed on your invoice. … Explain your dispute and provide Sprint with any and all documentation to support your claim. … If you don’t reach any resolution with the representative, you must pursue your dispute further.

Can someone on your phone plan see your texts?

Your provider or “carrier” keeps records of your cell phone use, including calls and text messages, and even pictures, sent from your phone. … As a general rule, the cell phone carrier cannot help you.

What is Sprint text number?

Text Customer Service is a new service provided by Sprint for you to manage your devices. Instead of waiting on hold for support, you can now send a text to 2273 for answers to your questions from wherever you are.

Can you text customer service?

Texting for customer service can save your business a ton of time, too. Business texting allows you to be more efficient because your customer service team won’t have to spend as much time on the phone with people. Instead, they can simply communicate via text, which eats up way less time than phone calls.

How do I get in touch with Google by phone?

You can also give us a call at 1-866-2-Google (1-866-246-6453) from 6:00am – 5:00pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Can I see text messages on my Sprint account?

How to access Text Messaging History on Sprint.comNavigate to Sign In.Once account loads, scroll down to “Your Bill” section.Click “See My Bill”Once the next page loads, you will see your bill payment details, click “Calls/Texts”More items…•

Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

Yes, you can contact and speak with a representative at Facebook. You can contact and speak with a live person at Facebook about a law enforcement issue, business development/advertising, marketing and employee verification but not for technical support. …

How can I send a text message from my computer?

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Android Messages installed on your phone. Go to on the computer or other device you want to text from. You’ll see a big QR code on the right side of this page. Open up Android Messages on your smartphone.

What is Sprint email address for texting?

Click on “My Device & Media>Messaging” Or you can bookmark this url; Or if it is another Sprint user you can send it from your email by addressing it to Other carriers also have messaging from your email to phone address’s you can google for those if you …

Does Sprint have a texting app?

Sprint (NYSE:S) today launched its new “Messaging Plus” app for Android and iOS phones. The app allows customers to communicate via text, instant messaging, group messaging and video chat, and share photos, videos and files, with any other mobile phone user in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Can Sprint recover deleted texts?

With iPhone Data Recovery and Android Data Recovery, you can recover all deleted or lost data on your phone without login to your Sprint account.In minutes and with simple clicks, You can retrieve those deleted text messages, call history, contacts, and even WhatsApp messages back.

Can I send a text from the Sprint website?

You can go there by signing into account. Go to preferences tab. Choose text messaging and that will take you to Web Texter. Text right here – simply select or enter a number, and type away.

How do you write a good text message?

7 Top tips to writing a good SMS copyBe concise and keep it short. A single SMS message consists of 160 characters. … Offer an opt-out path on all messages. … Proofread your copy, and don’t do “text talk” … Include a clear call to action. … Make sure you link your text to mobile friendly pages. … Make it urgent. … Personalise your message.