Question: How Many Questions Can You Ask On Surveymonkey For Free?

How many questions are you allowed on Survey Monkey?

10 questionsWhile you can create unlimited surveys on the Basic plan, you can only ask a maximum of 10 questions per survey, and you can only see a maximum of 100 responses.

To ask unlimited questions or collect unlimited responses using SurveyMonkey, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan..

What is the best free survey tool?

The 18 Best Free Survey ToolsHubSpot Forms. HubSpot Forms makes it easy to send surveys to your customers so you can understand what they think and feel about your product or service. … Google Forms. … SurveyMonkey. … Typeform. … Survicate. … SurveyLegend. … Qualaroo. … ProProfs Survey Maker.More items…•

Can I cancel SurveyMonkey after 1 month?

If you decide you don’t want to keep your paid plan active after your next billing date, you can cancel auto-renew. … Monthly plans only include 1,000 survey responses per month, and additional responses cost extra. Audience Credits. Audience Credits let you pay for your SurveyMonkey Audience responses in advance.

How do you make a survey FUN?

6 Unique Ways Of Making Surveys FunUse Humor. A survey, no matter the topic, has the potential to be conducted in an appropriately humorous way in order to engage the respondent. … Keep Your Customer In Mind. … Provide Visual Aids. … Add In A Poll. … Gamification.

Can I use SurveyMonkey for free?

As it turns out, we can be both. SurveyMonkey operates on a freemium business model. This means we allow users to use our most basic tools for free, while designating our more advanced features and resources to our paid plans.

Is Google forms better than SurveyMonkey?

If you want a completely free option, Google Forms is a terrific choice. SurveyMonkey has both free and paid plans. The good news is that for simple surveys of 10 questions with 100 responses, the free Basic plan is ideal. … The Standard plan gives you unlimited surveys and questions with 1,000 responses.

Does Google have a survey tool?

Google Forms provide a fast way to create an online survey, with responses collected in an online spreadsheet. Create your survey and invite respondents by email. … You view each response in a single row of a spreadsheet, with each question shown in a column. And Google Forms is free.

Does Google forms have a limit?

Forms do not have a limit as such, the data is held in a Google Sheet with 5 million line capacity. Your idea to give each person a form is the most efficient way to reach them. … There are no published limits for the number of form responses.

Can Google Forms track you?

You can share the link to your form anywhere on the web or email it out directly from Google Forms, but you can’t track who responds or include any additional data.

How much does Survey Monkey cost?

The pricing for SurveyMonkey starts at $28.00 per user per month. SurveyMonkey has 5 different plans: Team Advantage (Business Plan) at $28.00 per user per month. Advantage (Personal Plan) at $32.00 per month.

Where can I make a survey for free?

We took a look at the many survey tools available online and evaluated them to come up with our eight favorite:SoGoSurvey.Survey Monkey.Typeform.Google Forms.Client Heartbeat.Zoho Survey.Survey Gizmo.Survey Planet.

Is SurveyMonkey legit?

To be clear, SurveyMonkey is a real company based out of San Mateo, California. I’m going to go on the record and saying that SurveyMonkey is 100% legit… but reading through literally hundreds of reviews and complaints, it’s clear there are some issues here. … SurveyMonkey is not a small company.

What is better than SurveyMonkey?

Zoho Survey is a decent SurveyMonkey alternative. The customization option has many fans and the pricing plans are friendly. What makes it a good alternative: With more features than Google Form and easier to use than SurveyMonkey, Zoho surveys strike a desirable balance.

What is a good number of questions for a survey?

10The Ideal Number of Survey Questions for Most Surveys Five minute surveys will see even higher completion rates, especially with customer satisfaction and feedback surveys. This means, you should aim for 10 survey questions (or fewer, if you are using multiple text and essay box question types).