Question: What Does Yazzie Mean In Navajo?

What does Begay mean in Navajo?

Begay is a surname, derived from the Navajo word biyeʼ [pìjèʔ] meaning “his/her son”.

It is also a Senegambian first name, spelled the same way in English speaking Gambia but pronounced bee gaay (long stretch)..

What does tsosie mean in Navajo?

Tsosie is a surname, derived from the Navajo word tsʼósí, meaning “slender” or “slim” and may refer to: … Frank Tsosie Thompson, Navajo code talker.

What are some Navajo names?

Popular Baby Names , origin native-americanNameMeaningOriginAshkiiBoy (Navajo).Native-AmericanAshkii DighinNavajo name meaning sacred child; holy child.Native-AmericanAskookSnake (Algonquin).Native-AmericanAskuwheteauHe keeps watch (Algonquin).Native-American63 more rows

What are common Native American last names?

General Native American (Amerindian) surnamesAcorn.Adair (C)Adams.Agnew.Alberty.Alexander (C)Allen.Allison.More items…

What are some Indian last names?

100 Most Popular Indian Last Names:Acharya: Acharya is the Brahman Hindu surname. … Agarwal: Agarwal is a Jain surname. … Khatri: The surname Khatri is a synonym for Kshatriya. … Ahuja: Ahuja is a Sikh surname meaning the ‘descendant of Ahu’. … Anand: Anand is a Hindu surname derived from the Sanskrit word ‘anada’, which means joy. … Laghari: … Patel: … Reddy:More items…•