Question: Why Does Dracula Fear The Cross Netflix?

What are Dracula’s weaknesses?

Although the infamous Dracula is known as an all-powerful being, he has a lot of weaknesses, as follows:Can only change form at noon, sunrise or sunset unless at an unholy ground.Must sleep in box of Transylvanian soil to fully recover his strength.Sunlight, garlic, wild roses & holy items impair his power.More items…•.

Did Dracula kill Agatha Van Helsing?

Sister Agatha Van Helsing is a sister at St. Mary’s Convent, Budapest, and a fierce enemy of Count Dracula. She is ecstatic when he arrives at St….Agatha Van HelsingDied1897Cause of DeathExplosion (Sokolov’s ship) Poisoning (Dracula’s bite)Killed ByHerself (Indirectly)FromBudapest13 more rows

Why can’t Dracula look at a cross?

Dramatically revealing that Dracula does not, in fact, need to hide from sunlight, Dolly Wells’ Agatha/Zoe Van Helsing explains that an awful lot of the Count’s “weaknesses” (sunlight, needing to be invited in, the cross) actually stem from his self-hatred and need to remain outside in the shadows, founded in the fact …

What does Dracula fear the most?

This narrative continued into the second episode when Dracula told Agatha he is so afraid of the cross because he inherited it from all of the peasants he consumed, revealing everyone is afraid of the cross. He said: “Everyone does that’s the problem.

Why is Dracula afraid of the cross Netflix?

Meanwhile, he hates crosses, Agatha/Zoe tells him, because they remind him of Christ, a man who is prepared to die for his sins, whereas Dracula does everything to remain immortal and stave off death.