Quick Answer: Can I Use OBS Without A Capture Card?

Do you need a capture card to stream on one PC?

A capture card is for capturing footage from one PC and then exporting it to another.

So if you are just going to use your PC for streaming and gaming it will have no function..

What Capture card should I get for ps4?

Top 16 Best Capture Cards for Your PS4.Elgato Game Capture HD60S.Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro.AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K.HDML-Cloner Box Pro.Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI Video Capture Dongle.Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket.Razer Ripsaw HD.More items…•

What kind of PC do I need to stream?

A good computer As far as specs go, Twitch recommends having at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer. (Don’t worry; you can stream from a Mac, too.)

How many monitors do you need to stream?

Under dual computer setup, one of the computers will be in charge of processing the content and the other one streaming the content. To do so, you will also need two monitors and preferably two keyboards and two mice (one for each computer).

Which Elgato is best for streaming?

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. The best capture card for streaming and recording. … AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus. A brilliant, user friendly pick. … Elgato Game Capture 4K60 S+ Best Capture Card for recording in 4K60 and HDR. … Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro. … Razer Ripsaw HD. … Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro.

Do I need a capture card for OBS?

A capture card is necessary ONLY if you want to capture footage of a different PC or Console. So if you want to use one PC to stream/record and one to play, then yes, you will need a capture card.

Do you need two computers to stream?

Hardware You’ll Need For Dual PC streaming, you’ll need: Two PCs, one more GPU intensive (gaming) and the other more CPU intensive (streaming).

What is the cheapest capture card?

The best cheap capture card You don’t need to break the bank to buy a capture card, and with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, you barely even need to make a dent. Typically selling for under $100, the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro features an auto-capturing component to record the last hour of your gameplay.

Is a capture card better than OBS?

Capture Card. Capture card on a single PC setup will not offer any boost in performance over just capturing the game with game capture or window capture. In fact, using a capture card on a single PC setup will use more resources.

Is Streamlabs or OBS better?

Streamlabs OBS is essentially the same OBS code revamped with a better user experience. This software is also free and offers an even easier installation process than OBS. Although this software is only available for Windows, you can get Streamlabs OBS Mac with Bootcamp.

Do streamers use capture cards?

Why You Need a Capture Card Streaming on Twitch or YouTube has become a lucrative career for gamers with big dreams and even bigger personalities. … A capture card is a device that allows you to record and stream games from your video game consoles — an integral component for any streamer worth their salt.

Do capture cards cause lag?

Most capture cards have at least some lag associated with their capture preview. The amount of lag it causes will be related to how fast your computer hardware is, the type of game you’re playing, and how good your capture card is. The best capture cards cause little to no lag, and some even claim to cause ‘zero’ lag.

How much RAM do I need for streaming?

8GB of RAM is enough for streaming, but when streaming more demanding games you may experience some stream quality issues. Also, you may be limited in the number of other applications you can have running while streaming. 16GB of RAM is enough for streaming and gives you much more leeway.

Can I use OBS with Elgato?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a streaming solution for Windows, that can be used with Elgato Game Capture HD hardware. It is free, open source software for live streaming and recording. … Elgato Gaming hardware and software does not work with Open Broadcaster Software for OS X or macOS.

Is it possible to stream without a capture card?

Here’s how to stream your gameplay from any device you might be playing on, whether it’s a PC, the Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, a Nintendo Switch, or even Android or iOS. … you can live stream without a capture card.

Do I really need a capture card?

If you want to capture high definition or standard data from PS4, Xbox one or Wii like devices then you definitely need a Capture Card. Capture cards are mostly used by game lovers for recording various game play videos that can be later uploaded on internet.

Is Elgato better than OBS?

Uhh, in the Game Capture software you are recording, in OBS you are streaming, BIG DIFFERENCE. . Also, the Game Capture HD uses a hardware encoder, and you are probably capturing at a high bit rate. Streaming usually uses software encoder, so its harder on your PC, and bit rate is 10x lower.