Quick Answer: Do I Have To Pay For A BT Engineer?

How long does it take for a BT engineer to come out?

A date for an engineer to visit will be arranged when you place your order – it should be within about two weeks..

How long does it take BT to fix a broadband fault?

Under the new rules, BT must complete around 80% of fault repairs within one to two working days of being notified and provide an appointment for around 80% of new line installations within 12 working days. The target will be gradually introduced over three years, Ofcom said.

Do bt work on Sundays?

Fault engineers do work weekends and visit customer properties on a Saturday however not on a Sunday. Some engineers may work on the network on a Sunday however we have no way of requesting an appointment for that day of the week.

What hours do Openreach engineers work?

Our engineers work 37.5 hours a week. That’s usually four or five days a week between Monday and Saturday. And once you’ve got some experience under your belt, there should be opportunities for overtime.

How much compensation will I get from BT?

Products. If your 4G Assure service fails to activate within 30 minutes of you reporting a fixed line fault to us, leaving you without a broadband connection, you may be eligible to receive £25 compensation. To be eligible for compensation you must report a fixed line failure in the correct manner.

What time do BT engineers start?

Openreach engineer appointments run from either 08:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 18:00 Monday – Saturday. A specific time cannot be given and access must be available for the entire slot.

How do I cancel my BT engineer account?

If they’re coming to fix a broadband fault and you’ve given us your mobile number, you can also cancel or change your appointment by replying to our text. To change your appointment: Log into Track my order > Find the order with the engineer’s appointment that you want to change.

What is auto compensation?

What is the automatic compensation scheme? The scheme was introduced in April 2019. It’s designed to ensure that broadband and landline customers get money back from their provider if things go wrong, without having to ask for it.

Can I book a BT engineer online?

If we can’t find a fault or fix the problem online, we’ll give you the option to book an engineer appointment.

How much does it cost to install BT Broadband?

How much does it cost? Most providers, including BT, will offer you free phone line installation if you sign up to a broadband package with them. If you’re just signing up to line rental, however, BT charges £130 to either activate an old line or install a new one.

How do I contact BT engineer?

If you need assistance with these services please use the numbers below.BT Shop customer services number: 0800 917 0510.BT Broadband customer services number: 0800 800 150.BT Landline customer services number: 0800 800 150.

Do I need a BT engineer?

No, you don’t always need an engineer visit. We estimate an engineer is only necessary for 20-25% of installations. If you’re switching broadband providers from within the same network, i.e. BT Openreach and have all the connections in place, the switch can happen remotely.

Do BT broadband deals include line rental?

Line rental is now included in the cost of your package. This means that you now have just one price for both your broadband and line rental services. This makes it much clearer and simpler to pay for your home broadband.

How much is BT Basic line rental?

The monthly line rental only costs £5.16 (including VAT) a month. As well as getting free weekend calls (up to sixty minutes duration) to 0845 and 0870 numbers, it comes with a call allowance of £1.50 and a £10 monthly price cap. If you would like to add broadband to a BT Basic line, the total cost of this is £10.07.

How much is BT line rental per month?

There are two ways to pay BT line rental: Pay monthly for £20.20 a month. If you have a broadband and calls package this will be included in your package price. Pay £22.20 a month (or £2 extra if part of your broadband & calls package).

Do BT engineers work bank holidays?

If you do work a bank holiday, we’ll pay you overtime. Like in any business, you’ll need to be available on the working days between Christmas and New Year, unless you take it as holiday.