Quick Answer: How Do You Use Penzu?

Can I use Penzu offline?

Works Offline Once you login and access Penzu Mobile, it will also be available offline either from the browser—by visiting http://penzu.com/m—or from your home screen if you’ve added the icon (as shown above).

All entries created and edited while offline will sync instantly once you go back online again..

How do you make sure no one reads your diary?

Hide it between the mattresses of your bed, In that purse at the back of your closet you never use, or even tucked away in the back of your bookshelf. Don’t write, ‘Do not enter’ across the spine of the book, as this will make people want to read it even more!

Is online diary safe?

Online diary or diary apps are specifically designed by considering these factors. These services are secure and password protected. So you can rest assured knowing that your thoughts are safe and no one can stumble onto them. … So, changing over to online diary service is quite easy and simple.

What is the best diary app for iPhone?

Best journaling apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020Day One Journal.Momento.Moodnotes.Journey.Daylio.Grid Diary.Five Minute Journal.Penzu.

Can you add photos to Penzu?

Click the photo icon that appears in the toolbar below the entry title. Click the gray “Add Photo” button. Choose the file you would like to upload, and wait for it to be uploaded and appear in the modal. Make sure the uploaded photo is selected by clicking on it – it will then have a checkmark image on top of it.

Is Penzu a safe site?

Penzu is an online journal which is designed to keep your secrets private and secure. It has 256-bit AES encryption, the same type of encryption as the United States Government uses. So it sounds perfectly safe.

How do you keep an online journal?

Go Simple with an Encrypted Text File Stored in the Cloud If fancy journaling apps and blogging platforms turn you off, or you just want something a little easier to get your arms around, there’s an easier option: Just write in your favorite text editor or word processor and keep the your journal entries on Dropbox.

How much does Penzu cost?

Penzu Pro is $19 a year and it offers the ability to customize your Penzu backgrounds, format text, control the date for your entries (so you can backdate old entries), import entries from LiveJournal and export entries as text or PDF files.

Can you print from Penzu?

​To print one entry: Click the “three dots” icon on the far right side of the toolbar underneath the entry title. Choose “Print”

Which is the best personal diary app?

Best Journaling Apps for Android and iOSJourney: Online Journal App. Your Personalized Diary and Journal. … Day One Journal: Best Journal App. … Penzu: Journaling App. … Diaro: Best Online J ournal App. … Journi- Travel Blog and Journal. … Memorize: Free Journal App. … Daybook: Best Daily Journal App. … Diary: Best Journal App for Android.More items…•

How does Penzu make money?

Penzu is a private online diary-hosting website. Users can create written entries similar to a standard personal journal and can also upload photos from their devices. Penzu uses a freemium business model with special paid features including unique fonts, AES encryption, rich text formatting, and others.

Does Google have a journaling app?

As you can see, using Google Calendar as a work journal, personal diary, or simple tracker is easy to do. For health and fitness or lifetime goals and achievements, it’s terrific. Plus, you can even keep track of movies you watch, books you read, friends you meet, or money you spend.

Is Daylio free?

Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Try this beautifully designed & stunningly simple micro-diary app right now for FREE! Daylio is a very versatile app, and you can turn it in whatever you need to track.

Can you share Penzu?

With Penzu you can selectively share entries from your online journal via email or public link. You also get the option to share anonymously, and any edits you make to your entry will appear in the public version.

How do I use the journey app?

How to Use Journey Journaling App?Download and install the Journey app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.Click on get started and add a passcode to protect your journal or click on skip.Sign in from your Google account.Choose WiFi or WiFi + cellular to allow synchronization.

What is the best free online diary?

Best Journal and Diary Apps and WebsitesPenzu. (www.penzu.com) … Day One. (www.dayoneapp.com) … Diaro. (www.diaroapp.com) … My Wonderful Days. (www.mywonderfulapps.com) … Journey. (www.2appstudio.com/journey) … Momento. (www.momentoapp.com) … LiveJournal. (www.livejournal.com) … Evernote. (www.evernote.com)

What is the best digital diary?

Here are the best diary apps and journal apps for Android!Daybook.Daylio.Diary++Diaro.Diary Book.

What is Penzu pro?

Take your journal with you on your iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Instantly save, sync, and access offline. More → Ultimate Privacy With Penzu Pro, you can. protect your entries with military-grade 256-bit.