Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Convert From Postpaid To Prepaid?

How can I change my prepaid to postpaid online?

Visit Airtel website and browse through various postpaid plans.

You can then select a plan as per your needs.

Please select the option “prepaid to postpaid”.

Confirm your number and submit your upgrade request from prepaid to postpaid..

Is Vodafone postpaid better than prepaid?

Do you really know the difference between Postpaid and Prepaid? On your Prepaid connection, you have to pay before you use the services. … Postpaid plans come with additional benefits like OTT subscriptions, smartphone protections and data rollovers, all at no extra cost.

How many days will it take to convert idea postpaid to prepaid?

Your Idea prepaid sim will automatically get activated once the postpaid sim is no longer active after the completion of porting process. The porting process takes about 7-8 working days.

Is postpaid better than prepaid?

The short answer: On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage. … Postpaid plans, meanwhile, often come with better value for money and the option to get a mobile handset included in the monthly bill.

How can I convert my Vodafone postpaid to prepaid by SMS?

Popular VAS- sms to be sent to 199(toll free) for Postpaid and 144(toll free) for prepaid (Unless specified otherwise) Information on World Calling Card.

Can I convert idea postpaid to Airtel prepaid?

To transfer your number to Airtel, all that you need is a unique porting code (UPC) and your Aadhaar card or any other Address and ID proof. To generate your 8-digit alpha numeric code, SMS PORT Mob. No and send it to 1900. You will receive the code via SMS.

Can Prepaid be converted to postpaid?

The answer to this question is simple, you cannot convert your prepaid number to a postpaid one BUT we will be discussing on how to turn a user’s Globe prepaid into a semi-postpaid plan feel. Author’s Note: Unfortunately, you cannot do this with Smart prepaid numbers so we will have to stick with Globe only.

How many days it takes to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid?

90 daysIt will take approximately 90 days. The process of migrating your Number from Postpaid to Prepaid, it will take 90 days. This will come with your existing subscription from the date of activation of your mobile number.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

Generally unused SIM cards will expire if there is no cash balance on the account. There are two situations “pay as you go” (PAYG) and contract. Of course on a contract as long as you keep paying on a monthly basis everything is OK.

What is the difference between postpaid and prepaid?

Prepaid mobile phone plans are bill-less options that are paid upfront via a recharge purchased in-store, online, or set up with auto-recharge. Postpaid mobile phone plans come with a monthly bill.

Can I port Airtel postpaid to Jio prepaid?

To generate UPC, send a text message as PORT [ur Airtel Number] to 1900.. For ex PORT 1234567890 . Once u receive a Code meet a mobile retailer and share ur mobile number,aadhar number and UPC number. Within 7days ur Airtel number wil get ported to Jio number.

Can we convert postpaid to prepaid in Vodafone?

Yes, Vodafone Postpaid Number can be converted to Vodafone Prepaid. … According to TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines, migration from postpaid to prepaid and vice-versa is allowed without any migration charge and without having to change the mobile number.

How can I change my UPA postpaid to prepaid?

Please visit U Mobile Service Centre or Premier Dealer outlet if you wish to change to lower Postpaid plans or Prepaid plan….Dial *118*7# to go to My Account.Select 7 Change Rate Plan.Select the plan you would like to change to.Confirm your rate plan change and restart phone after receive SMS confirmation.

How can I cancel my Airtel postpaid connection?

Send a postpaid connection termination email request to Airtel at 121@in.airtel.com. Call the Helpline number and file a request for termination. The helpline number is 1800-103-0405.