Quick Answer: Is Harvey Norman Warranty Transferable?

Do Harvey Norman keep receipts?

If You contact Your original store of purchase, they will be able to provide you a printed copy of Your receipt..

Can you return to any Harvey Norman?

Returns and Repairs You may return goods we have delivered to you by mail by contacting our Customer First Team . You may also contact or attend the Harvey Norman Store where you collected your goods, or where your goods were despatched from, and a Harvey Norman staff member will assist you with any return or repair.

How does Harvey Norman extended warranty work?

Extended Warranty is only available from Harvey Norman on the day of purchase. … Under this Extended Warranty we will protect you for the repair of these faults for the duration of the Extended Warranty period, or until the warranted item is replaced with a new item.

Are refrigerator warranties transferable?

The replacement part does not usually have a separate warranty unless you purchase (pay for) it at the time of replacement. Lastly, these extended limited warranties (or any appliance warranties for that matter) are not usually transferable to a second owner so if you’re buying secondhand (or selling), keep it in mind.

Does extended warranty cover wear and tear?

Roadside assistance—Many extended warranties include around-the-clock roadside assistance, which can include towing, trip interruption service, and more. Normal wear and tear—While factory warranties cover defective materials or workmanship, some extended warranties also cover repairs and replacements from regular use.

Does Harvey Norman product care cover accidental damage?

Your Cover under Accidental Damage andYour Harvey Norman Product Care Plan will end if Your Product is replaced by Us with a Replacement Item. Your Cover under Accidental Damage will also end if We repair Your Product twice under Accidental Damage. … Accidental Damage Cover is for hardware only.

What is Harvey Norman product care?

Harvey Norman Instead, the retailer has moved to a three-year or five-year “product care” plan, which entitles customers to a replacement with the latest model available. But, the product care plan only covers minor faults (also covered by the ACL for “a reasonable period”) and normal wear and tear.

How does product care work?

If Your Product with Product Care has an Eligible Fault, You will be entitled to receive a replacement product that has similar specifications to Your Product, up to the Original Purchase Price. In the event that a suitable replacement cannot be found, Our claims team will find You a reasonable solution.

Can you cancel a Harvey Norman order?

(iv) the acceptance of that offer by Harvey Norman Online. (4) Once you have placed your Order, you cannot cancel or revoke your Order, unless expressly provided for in these Terms.