Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of On Someone’S Case?

What does it mean to get on someone’s case?

get / be on someone’s case, Slang.

to bother or nag someone; meddle in someone’s affairs: Her brother is always on her case about getting married.

get off someone’s case, Slang.

to stop bothering or criticizing someone or interfering in someone’s affairs: I’ve had enough of your advice, so just get off my case..

What’s a quibble?

Definition of quibble (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : an evasion of or shift from the point. 2 : a minor objection or criticism.

What is type of load?

The types of loads acting on structures for buildings and other structures can be broadly classified as vertical loads, horizontal loads and longitudinal loads. The vertical loads consist of dead load, live load and impact load. The horizontal loads comprises of wind load and earthquake load.

What means fully loaded?

Adjective. (comparative more fully-loaded, superlative most fully-loaded) With all features and options. That Accord came fully-loaded with a moonroof, power windows — the whole she-bang!

What is the meaning of show case?

noun. a glass case for the display and protection of articles in shops, museums, etc. an exhibit or display, usually of an ideal or representative model of something. the setting, place, or vehicle for displaying something on a trial basis:The club is a showcase for new comics. SEE MORE.

What does case mean in slang?

What does CASE stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningCASECopy and Steal EverythingCASECellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (gaming)CASECopy and Share EverythingCASECopy And Share with Everyone1 more row

What does get a load of mean?

1. used for telling someone to look at or listen to someone or something that you think is funny or interesting. Get a load of that dress! Synonyms and related words. +

What are the causes of split ends?

Split ends happen when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle, and frayed. They may resemble the end of an unraveled rope. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, and hair care techniques such as blow drying, straightening, and curling may cause split ends. They’re also caused by chemical hair products.

What is the meaning of on my case?

on (one’s) case Constantly or frequently nagging, harassing, or annoying someone.

What is the meaning of split hairs?

To argue about an inconsequential and trivial aspect of an issue: “When you are accused of being forty-five minutes late for an appointment, you are splitting hairs to say that you were really only forty minutes late.”

What does niggle mean?

to criticizeto criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly, in a peevish or petty way; carp: to niggle about the fine points of interpretation; preferring to niggle rather than take steps to correct a situation. to spend too much time and effort on inconsequential details: It’s difficult to be meticulous and not niggle.

What is the meaning of when it rains it pours?

When something good or bad occurs, it usually occurs more than once and often within a short period of time: “I have a new supervisor at the office, three new assistants to train, and enough work to keep me busy for months — when it rains, it pours.”

What does get off my case mean?

get off someone’s case, Slang. to stop bothering or criticizing someone or interfering in someone’s affairs: I’ve had enough of your advice, so just get off my case.

What is the meaning of below the belt?

phrase. Something that is below the belt is cruel and unfair. Do you think it’s a bit below the belt what they’re doing? Synonyms: unfair, foul, crooked [informal], cowardly More Synonyms of below-the-belt.

What does it mean to get a load of this guy?

slang. used to tell someone to pay attention to a person or thing that is interesting, surprising, or attractive: Get a load of that, guys!